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The Road to Fort Mason: Building a Network of Technology & Business Innovators - An Interview with Swisscom

Jul 22, 2014

An Apigee Institute survey of more than 300 executives in large enterprises identified four traits associated with the highest levels of performance on both a digital transformation leader’s perceived effectiveness and their company’s progress building digital capabilities. 

One of these characteristics is having a strong network of technology and business innovators.  

In fact, more than 8 in 10 (81%) of executives in the top performing companies describe their digital transformation leader as having an especially strong network.

(For more details, see the full report Three Keys to Digital Transformation.)

One team of digital change agents taking decisive action aligned with this pattern for success is at Swisscom. With the I ♥ APIs 2014 conference on the horizon, we’re very happy to share a conversation about the power of networking and more with Frank Fitzlaff, Head of Swisscom API Program.

Apigee Institute: Frank, can you tell me a little about Swisscom’s vision and where you are at on your digital transformation journey?

Swisscom:  Swisscom positions itself for customers as a trustworthy companion in the digital world. The centerpiece of this position is technology leadership, which already is part of the DNA of the company and is now being extended to the ability to bring innovative software-based products to market. Only parallel and independent work in many places, along with different products and services creates a dynamic ecosystem of value required to be successful in the global competitive environment of the World Wide Web.

The basis for all of this at Swisscom is our digital transformation journey, which is a combination of digital customer experience and digital operational excellence.

AIWe’re thrilled to have you and your colleague John de Keijzer, Head of Enterprise Architecture and Technical Strategy participating in two of our Digital Transformation Strategy sessions. But I understand that you are committed to further participating in I ♥ APIs 2014 . Can you describe what you are planning?

S:  This conference is a unique opportunity for us to share experiences and perspectives about our digital transformation journey and learn from other companies and  industries. Many Swisscom employees from various disciplines will join the conference in order to engage with other participants. Furthermore we are very much interested to get feedback on our “virtual Telco API set” which we will bring to the show.

And if you’d like to eat a delicious steak, Swisscom API evangelist and grill-chef Kay Lummitsch looks forward to “meat you” at the barbecue station. Check it out!

AIYou are clearly making a significant commitment: can you share why you are so passionate about taking advantage of this opportunity for networking and peer-to-peer conversations?

S:  Swisscom’s future is as a software-driven business and the digital transformation journey is the foundation for its success. We are very interested to share our vision and experience and to learn how other companies are managing the necessary cultural, organizational, and technical changes in order to become Digital Masters J

AIWhat would you like to tell your fellow attendees in advance of the event? What topics are you especially keen to discuss?

S:  Get in contact with the Swisscom guys at I ♥ APIs and share your experiences and thoughts about distributed product development, software-driven business, fast time-to-market, and API success stories. Don’t forget to bring your steak appetite.

At Apigee, we share Frank’s and Swisscom’s passion for making digital transformation change leaders successful by bringing practitioners together. But you don’t have to wait to get started setting up the connections that will build your network of business and technology innovators. To help facilitate face-to-face connections on the topics that matter most to you, we’ve set up hashtag #fortmeetup for the conference.

Check it out and use it to connect with the team from Swisscom and many more folks at I ♥ APIs 2014.

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