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The Road to Fort Mason: The Digital Divide is Real

Jul 16, 2014

Sometime in the past six months, a major milestone in the digital transformation of the market context for every global enterprise occurred: mobile access to the internet, driven by app usage, exceeded PC-based access.1

Companies that have effectively adapted their enterprise to exploit the new market context are reaping the rewards. Apigee Institute surveys of over 1,300 executives and decision-makers in large companies show a clear and consistent pattern. Digital leaders—those with stronger capabilities to deploy apps, operate APIs, and use data analytics—are in aggregate more than twice as likely to outperform those lagging behind on business key performance indicators (KPIs) including time-to-market, share, satisfaction, revenue, and margin.

Within the next six months, we invite you to co-create with us a major milestone in the digital transformation of your company. Join us at the I ♥ APIs ConferenceSeptember 8-10 at Fort Mason in San Francisco, to take your next step toward becoming the digital transformation leader your enterprise needs to win in the new market context.

If your organization is one of today’s digital leaders, seize this opportunity to engage with other visionaries and thought leaders to stimulate the next level of strategic thinking and ensure your vision stays at the cutting edge (we also invite you to submit an entry to our Digital Accelerator Awards, which recognize digital champions and teams to underline how forward-thinking digital strategy results in business acceleration).

If your organization is working hard every day to take at least one step forward for every step back in its digital transformation, I ♥ APIs 2014 is a chance to interact with other practitioners and experts to harvest proven practices that will accelerate progress.

And if your organization is wondering how to get started on its transformation journey, don't miss this opportunity to learn how to avoid false starts and rapidly get in the game as a digital competitor.

The Apigee Institute is organizing this year’s Digital Transformation Strategy track. We aim to deliver on our promise to help connect theory to practice and turn the experience of practitioners and experts into advice and tools attendees can use; nothing sets the stage more than  than this statistic: majorities of executives across several industries believe digital disruption will affect their company within the next 12 months.2

We believe they're right. In future posts, we'll share our conviction that there is something you can do about it as a business or technology leader—and that the journey to becoming the digital transformation leader your organization needs  leads through Fort Mason. 

Join the Apigee Institute and register for the I ♥ APIs conference today.

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image: Steve McClanahan/Flickr

1Mobile devices accounted for 55% of U.S. Internet usage, driven by apps (47%) versus native web (8%), according to comScore data; Nielsen found that time using smartphones exceeded Web usage on computers in the U.S., U.K., and Italy at the end of 2013.

 2A 2014 Forrester/Russell Reynolds survey found expectations for digital disruption across 17 industries ranging from a low of 60% to a high of 83% at least “somewhat disrupted;” Accenture and BUSSINESSEUROPE surveyed over 500 C-level executives across 27 countries in Europe and found overall that 62% percent of respondents believe that digital will result in a major change or a complete transformation of business models in their industry in the next 12 months. 


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