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The Road to Fort Mason: Learn from Digital Change Agents

Sep 03, 2014

In previous posts, we discussed digital leaders using apps, APIs, and analytics to turn the growing “digital shadow” of the Internet of Things into a driver of growth.

We'll wrap up this series by encouraging you to make the most of the incredible opportunity to learn from the experts and network with digital change agents at the I ♥ APIs 2014 conference at Fort Mason, San Francisco, next week.

Build your digital brand

How do you build digital programs that build your brand and delight customers? How do you grow a partner and device ecosystem? How do you create apps with real impact?

The IoT opens up new opportunities to weave digital and physical together into new experiences that delight your customers, build your brand, and create a competitive advantage. Walgreens had a long-established program to reward customers for healthy behavior by offering loyalty reward points for—as an example—logging a blood pressure reading online. With the Walgreens new Balance Rewards program, customers can connect their IoT device (like a Jawbone Up24) directly to the program, and check progress against their goals with the Walgreens award-winning mobile app.

Balance Rewards claims 83 million members, one of the most successful launches of a loyalty program in the history of retail.  

I ♥ APIs is your opportunity to hear and engage with speakers including Joe Rago from Walgreens,  Andrew Rosenthal from Jawbone, and Dr. Pai-Ling Yin, co-founder of the Mobile Innovation Group at Stanford University.

Data-driven decision making

Digital opens up new ways of doing business. How do you leverage “big data” and analytics to push decision-making out to the edge of the enterprise to drive both accuracy and speed?  7-Eleven has equipped workers to collect and analyze data, selecting inventory best suited for their local conditions. Sales associates formulate “sales forecasts” instead of simply placing “sales orders.”

I ♥ APIs 2014 is your opportunity to hear and engage with speakers like 7-Eleven’s Mike Debnar.

Master the platform

Digital opens the door to platform business strategies that exploit network effects and two-sided markets. 

We’re familiar with this winner-take-all phenomenon in the technology industry: attracting more users to an operating system attracts more developers, and the apps they produce attracts more users, which in turn attracts more developers. And we’ve all seen masters like Apple take this to a new level, where products and services are mutually reinforcing: more iPhone users attract more iOS app developers, but also more iTunes and iBooks users which attract both more users of iPads and Macs and more content providers.

But digital leaders in every industry are already following in Apple’s footsteps. Philips’ Hue programmable light bulbs can connect to Philips’ Ambilight television, creating a unique experience via apps in which all the lighting in your room is optimized based on what you’re watching—or what you’re streaming from Netflix.

I ♥ APIs 2014 is your opportunity to hear and engage with speakers like Kevin Toms from Philips, and Marshall Van Alstyne of MIT and Boston University, one of the foremost experts on platform economics and business strategy.

Connect, engage, and learn

I’ve had the privilege of organizing the digital transformation strategy track, and for me and my partners here at Apigee the fact that this is just a small sample of the incredible thought leaders and change agents who will be at I ♥ APIs 2014 holds a humbling lesson: it’s all about connecting people on the issues that matter most.

Apps, analytics, customer experience, and platforms strategy are all critical issues for every enterprise today. We hope what we’ve shared encourages you to seize the opportunity to connect.  And we hope we can help: it’s @bryan_kirschner and @apigeeinstitute (use the hashtag #fortmeetup—that’s short for “Fort Mason meet up”) to make all the right connections when you’re here.

See you at Fort Mason!

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