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Start 2014 with our Brand New, Free API and Advanced App Trainings in Southern California!

Dec 31, 2013

After a year that brought dozens of dates and thousands of attendees to our popular “Build your First Mobile App” training series, we’re happy to kick off 2014 with brand new content, built from your feedback, requests and the use-cases we have been powering for our customers. As usual, these trainings will be 100% free (and all the software we use will be free/open-source as well).

You can attend our new classes live for free, at the Kona Kai resort in San Diego Jan 7, 8 or 9 and start the year by building your first app, a high-performance app, or a great API!

Here’s a preview of the new content you will be able to experience.

NEW API Training: “Design & Implement your First RESTful API with node.js“
Dive into APIs in this free workshop which will get you up and running and building your own RESTful APIs using node.js. In addition to discussing the theory behind API design and implementation, we'll actually get our hands dirty and build some APIs from scratch. You will also learn how to leverage existing backend resources such as MySQL and deliver it via an API.

  • Why APIs and a History of APIs
  • RESTful API Design principles
  • Building your first API with node.js
  • Plugging data from MySQL or another database into your API
  • Deploying your API to production
  • Proxying and preparing existing APIs for public consumption
  • OAuth

NEW Advanced App Training: “Building High-Performance Mobile Apps with HTML5”
Already know your way around HTML and JavaScript? This class will teach you everything you need to build high-performance apps that look & feel native on iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, mobile browsers, etc. We will review items such as:

  • Building responsive UIs with Twitter Bootstrap
  • PhoneGap tips & tricks, including using/customizing native plugins
  • Engaging users with Push Notifications
  • Analyzing & fixing backend performance
  • 3D transforms, canvas, click detection, efficient CSS and other performance tricks
  • Strategies for caching and offline access
  • “Feeling Fast”: non-performance related UI tricks that help smooth your user experience

Of course, we will keep offering our “Build your First Mobile App” Training as well.
So please join us next week to start the year with your first app, a high-performance app, or a great API, or spread the word to friends & colleagues who can join us in Southern California next week!

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