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Technology and Strategy Intersect at I Love APIs 2015

Come hear Cloud Foundry's Sam Ramji describe what differentiates the disruptors
Oct 08, 2015

I’m the executive sponsor of the Strategy Forum at I Love APIs 2015, and I'd like to make you an offer you can’t refuse.

I’ve worked on strategy for decades. In the past year I’ve traveled all over the world to speak with people leading digital transformation in industries ranging from food to telecommunications.  

I’ve never, ever encountered a better explanation of how technology and strategy are intersecting, right now, to create winners and losers—and what to do about it—than that provided by Cloud Foundry Foundation CEO Sam Ramji.

I want you to hear Sam explain live and in person what differentiates disruptors from the disrupted across tech giants like Amazon and Apple, start-ups like Uber, or the biggest Fortune 500s. I want you to be able to discuss how to make the right things happen in your organization with hundreds of people in roles like yours. 

That’s why I invited Sam to deliver our Strategy Forum keynote on Oct. 13. That’s why I shared what I see as some key points and essential takeaways for CIOs at CIO.com.

And that’s why Apigee and Cloud Foundry are offering a discount code that will enable you to attend the Strategy Forum for just $95: CLOUDFOUNDRY.

If you aspire to be a digital strategist, or if you’re all-in on taking your digital strategy chops from good to great, we believe it’s too important to your organization and to your career miss. 

Register now—we hope to see you there next week.


Photo: Ian Kobylanski/Flickr

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