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Telstra: Speed, Scale, and Security with APIs

Jan 20, 2016

Technology projects don’t usually move fast at large enterprises, but for Telstra, the biggest telco in Australia, APIs have helped create an exception.

"When you talk about delivery, you tend to measure things in terms of years, not months or weeks,” said Charlotte Yarkoni, president of Telstra Software Group.

However, moving from scratch to going live with the company’s first public API took a mere four months, said Yarkoni, who spoke with us during I Love APIs 2015. 

“That was huge for us,” she said.

Similarly, Telstra set a 30-minute internal goal for the first developer to get from registration to “hello, world.” It was easily met, Yarkoni said. But for a company where quality of service and security are differentiators, speed wasn’t the only consideration, she added.

When it came to selecting an API management partner, Teltra had a specific set of standards it expected any company to meet, Yarkoni said.

“We have a very, very high integrity brand,” she said. “Our customers associate Telstra with someone they can trust and someone that delivers a high quality of service.

“Apigee was one of the few API vendors … that could come to the table and offer that,” Yarkoni said. “It’s a lot about the enterprise class and scale, but it’s also about doing it in a trusted way with integrity around the data and the customer relationships that you’re driving through this platform."

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