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Thomson Reuters: Meeting Customer Demand for APIs

Mar 21, 2016

APIs are nothing new to Thomson Reuters. The media and information company has used the technology to help provide information to business people, financial analysts, lawyers, accountants, and scientists since the 1990s. 

But now Thomson Reuters is focused on revamping the experience of using APIs and marketing them throughout the company.

“We want to take it to the next level and make it easier for developers internally and externally to use our content,” said Ian Cooper, the company’s technology architect.

We spoke with Ian and his colleague, senior director of API platform Saori Fotenos, during I Love APIs 2015 about the challenges of driving broad acceptance of APIs across the business. 

“The biggest barrier is overcoming the fear of what APIs might mean to a company that sees its core asset as the information it owns,” Fotenos said. “It’s not about opening up for letting go, but opening for partnerships and actual growth.”

Two key factors have helped to surmount this hurdle, Fotenos said. First, customers are beginning to demand APIs. Second, business leaders at the company are beginning to realize how APIs make innovation faster and simpler, she added.

“Our customers actually want this openness or connectivity and partnership,” she said. “The next step is to make it so plain, simple, and easy for [the various business units] to use the tool and the platform that they don’t even have to think about this.”

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