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Tradier: Building Success with Partnership and APIs

Apr 26, 2016

Ask Tradier chairman and CEO Dan Raju what his company does, and he always turns to what the equity trading API provider does for others.

“Tradier has over 100 partners who have built on top of Tradier, and the heart of that success has been purely because we believe in enablement through APIs,” Raju said.

Of course the long-time Apigee customer, which offers customers the ability to build equity trading capabilities into their apps, has also done well because of its ability to generate revenue from its APIs.

Raju acknowledges that a key part of Tradier’s success—and a key bit of advice to be followed by companies building API platforms—is the notion of building a flexible monetization strategy well-before launching any APIs.

“We offer our APIs both as a SaaS platform for customers to use or as a brokerage transaction model,” he said. “My advice for companies who are creating or launching APIs: make the monetization strategy a part of the core development lifecycle.”

Building a revenue generation and sharing model early on fits into Raju’s broader strategic advice for creating an API strategy and selecting an API management partner: simplicity, scalability, and security. 

“We’ve been an Apigee customer for years,” Raju said “We subscribe to the same principles of how to create value."

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