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Usergrid is now part of Apigee

Jan 18, 2012

I'm excited to announce that Usergrid is now part of Apigee.

Almost every mobile app needs back-end services to store and manage users, data and events. But powering mobile apps from the cloud is a hard problem, requiring a rich set of easy-to-use features for managing users, delivering applications objects and data, and analyzing usage and tracking key metrics.

Usergrid delivers the mobile app back-end APIs that developers need to manage data and users, reducing the effort and cost of developing a mobile application and letting app developers focus on the app experience.

Apigee now simplifies delivery of the full universe of APIs -- enterprise APIs, public APIs, and now with Usergrid, the core APIs that all mobile applications need.

And I am excited to combine the unique capabilities of Usergrid with Apigee's powerful API management infrastructure, which is already powering the mobile API's of large enterprise customers from AT&T to Netflix.

Usergrid is going to continue to be open source.  Usergrid is currently a combination of GPL, AGPL, and Apache licensing and any changes we make will be to make it even easier to use our code in your projects and to make it easier for outside contributions to be incorporated.  Stay tuned.

We're the most excited about finally being able to make Usergrid available as a cloud service, as we originally envisioned. Apigee is the world leader in making API's scale, and we're bringing that expertise to bear in making Usergrid the most secure, reliable, and powerful mobile cloud backend.

We should be ready to open up the service to the public by the end of Q1 and we'll be letting people in for early access - sign up at Usergrid to be notified.


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