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Usergrid now in Public Beta: Use it for Free Today with your Apigee Account

Jul 11, 2012

Apigee is thrilled to announce the public beta of Usergrid: the easy, API-based way to build out app capabilities.

Usergrid starts with a simple REST API and OAuth layer, and adds elegant routes & resources to let you handle mainstay features for your app such as:

  • User sign up & sign in
  • Sign in with third-party services like Facebook
  • Storage of arbitrary data: if you can write it up or serialize it in JSON, we can store it
  • Social graph building & traversal, between users & objects (friendships, followships, likes, etc.)
  • Storage & retrieval of activity streams, such as walls, timelines, feeds & check-ins, filtered down according to users’ privacy settings
  • Role-based access control to define which administrators, users, groups or devices get access to which API endpoints
  • Full-text search and a natural query language to efficiently explore, analyze & retrieve all of your app data

Put together, these features let you easily build out the URL structure and API features you need to deliver web or mobile apps quickly, while writing little if any server-side code.

You can access it all through a REST API but we also have native SDKs for Android, iOS and JavaScript.

Usergrid is publicly available today on your Apigee.com account. Go ahead and use it for free right now or read more about its features. (If you’re interested in extending it or running it on your own servers, the full source code is available on github.)

The best way to get started is to follow our quickstart guide. It’ll take you from zero to app hero in under 5 minutes flat.

The rest of our docs and tutorials should provide helpful pointers too, whether you’re looking to write an HTML5 app  or trying to leverage the advanced features in our admin portal

As always, we look forward to your questions and comments. You can reach us at feedback@apigee.com  or join the discussion list for Usergrid.

We can’t wait to see what you will build with us.

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