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Vodafone: Project to Program to Platform with APIs

Jan 26, 2016

Vodafone Group plc is one of the largest mobile telcos in the world. It also walked away with the top honor this past October in Apigee’s Digital Accelerator Awards program. 

Having helped to move Vodafone digital initiative from a pilot project to an API program to a full-fledged digital platform, the leader of Vodafone's API program Daniel Wolff has a lot of advice to offer on getting started with APIs. We sat down with Daniel at I Love APIs 2015, and here are some choice words of wisdom he gave us: 

  • “We did a small pilot, had proof points, and that put us in the position to get management buy-in to scale these agile operations."
  • “When you move into agile, don’t define what it looks like from the top down. Let the team work it out. It’s not the managers’ process." 
  • “In the beginning just try things.”
  • “Do not necessarily think of the perfect API. Just start with one. You can always add more later. You don’t need to write a 100-paper-thick specification."
  • “An API is … not just a delivery—it’s a product; it has a lifecycle, and it needs to be managed accordingly.”
  • “Explore reusability; drive mashups.”

Thanks, Daniel!

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