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Walgreens: Attracting Developers to Their API

Brian Mulloy
Nov 11, 2013

Walgreens, the largest drugstore chain in the United States, has created a great video to educate developers about what they might gain from building apps on the company’s QuickPrints open API. QuickPrints lets mobile users print photos directly from their devices and pick them up in Walgreens stores.

For the developer, this video does a nice job of communicating the value in it for them, including 15% commissions and the wide range of products (Instragram-friendly square photo formats, for example) they can offer via apps.

For the enterprise, this is a great example of how to market to developers. Building the apps and the APIs is no longer the hard part of going digital. Attracting your channel partners—the developers who will build the apps for customers using your API—has become the real challenge.

Walgreens, with the video below, shows that it is well-aware of the importance of ensuring developers' success and incenting them to create great experiences for customers. Also, check out this presentation by Walgreens' Tim McCauley and Joe Rago, where they discuss the digital transformation of their company's business model during Apigee's recent I ♥ APIs conference.

For more on ways to engage developers, see the eBook, “Developers Hate Marketing: Attract Developers to Your API.”




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