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When Culture Is a Cop-out

May 23, 2018

Digital transformation is hard. Imagine Atlas carrying the world on his shoulders. That represents the challenge of digital transformation a few years ago. Today’s digital transformation "Atlases" aren’t just holding the globe—they’re juggling ten of them.   

Things like e-commerce and mobile apps—signs of digital sophistication just a few years ago—are now table stakes. The scope of transformation efforts has expanded to include cloud computing, machine learning, conversational interfaces and much more.

As enterprises wrangle with this growing complexity, they often look for inspiration — or simply to crib best practices—from large technology companies. Just last week, an intelligence technology leader at a Fortune 100 firm asked me, “How do we just do things the way Google (my employer) or Netflix does them?”

In this process, many enterprise executives come to realize that the differences between their businesses and the big technology leaders are not just about software, products or use cases—they’re about a holistic way of operating that can be so complex that it often gets tagged with the catch-all, not particularly meaningful label of “culture.”  

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