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When Your Product Design Makes Your Customers Feel Smart

Apr 21, 2014

Users love products and services that make them feel smarter. The more efficiently they can spend their valuable attention, time, and money, the smarter they feel. The smarter that users feel when interacting with your product, the more they love it. We call this the smart-user theorem.

Analyzing customers’ behavior can quantify the time, attention, or effort required to engage with a business’ products and services and bring about a new understanding of the user experience. This awareness, in turn, arms businesses with strategies to fine-tune their products and services to be more efficient, streamlined, and intuitive.

If enterprises carefully evaluate and optimize their products and services to make their users “smarter,” they will be rewarded with loyalty, engagement, and a higher transactional value.

To find out more, read the full article, "When Your Product Design Makes Your Customers Feel Smart," published in Entrepreneur.

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