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Why API Management is not Enough (webcast & podcast)

Jan 23, 2014

API management came about to help companies create and manage developer ecosystems by following in the footsteps of the successful API programs of Twitter and Facebook. Today, with mobile apps and new web development based on an API-first strategy, APIs are no longer just a way to power a company's developer program. They're the connective tissue that powers all the interactions with customers and partners across an extended value chain.

In this webcast, Apigee's Ed Anuff and Dilshad Simons discuss the profound technical and business implications of this shifted landscape; they also cover API management, its shortcomings, recent advances, and real-world deployments. Watch the webcast to learn: 

  • how enterprise APIs create new channels, unlock the value of data, and fuel innovation
  • the benefits of structuring your development around an API-first platform strategy
  • how to get a full 360-degree view across all your channels of interaction by tying analytics and business intelligence directly into your API tier



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