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Why Your Online Store Needs an API this Holiday Season

Ed Anuff
Nov 25, 2014

A store locator on a retail site can function faster if it doesn’t have to call back to a database to retrieve locations. That’s just one example of how APIs can facilitate the rapid exchange of data that is vital for delivering the information shoppers want and businesses need.

As e-commerce moves from web sites to mobile devices and apps, APIs are no longer just the sockets through which transactions pass, but are the primary tools for data collection and analysis, as well as the enablers of agility for the lines of business.

The enterprise applications ecosystem is no longer solely the domain of enterprise IT. Lines of business are increasingly demanding solutions at the speed and agility required to be successful in this new marketplace. Internal and external developers, partners, digital agencies, and others use APIs to build apps and power business partnerships involving expanding distribution and broadening market reach.

To find out more, read the full article, "Why Your Online Store Needs an API this Holiday Season," published in Internet Retailer.

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