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Your Big Data Needs Some TLC

Oct 30, 2013

In this customer-driven world, a growing number of businesses rely on data to derive deep insights about the behavior and experience of end users with a business’ products. Yet end-user logs, while interesting, often lack a 360-degree view of the “context” in which users consume a business’ products and services. The ability to analyze these logs in the relevant context is key to getting the maximum business value from big data analysis.

Basic contextual analysis requires a little TLC: time, location, and channel.

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So what does it mean for business owners in the app economy to give their data and analytics a dose of TLC? To find out, read the full article, Your Big Data Needs Some TLC, published in Wired Innovation Insights. Learn how thinking within a TLC framework will simplify the identification, collection, assimilation, and analysis of context and make it more value driven. Enterprises can apply TLC for better attribution and explanation of end user behavior, to identify patterns and understand profiles that generate insights, and ultimately to enable the business to deliver customized and personalized products, services, and experiences.

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