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Digital Business
How Apigee and Istio can bring APIs and...
by Greg Brail May 24, 2017
If you base your IT technology strategy on what you read in the blogs, then you are already building your entire technology stack as a collection of microservices, built by “two-pizza teams,” running in... Read more
We’re excited that today Google, along with IBM and Lyft, is announcing Istio, an open source project designed to ease the pain around connecting and securing a network of microservices.... Read more...
Digital Business
Why a series of mobile experience projects...
by David Andrzejek May 17, 2017
As PSD2 is set to open data sharing between banks and third parties, banking and fintech professionals should heed this warning: Don’t confuse digitization with digital strategy. You need to build mobile apps and... Read more
Learn about the importance of baking digital strategy into a business model.... Read more...
Digital Business
Webcast replay
by Olaf Domis May 12, 2017
To rapidly deliver microservices to production, organizations are turning to infrastructure automation provided by a cloud-native platform, like Cloud Foundry. With a platform in place, every microservice team will have... Read more
Learn about the patterns and practices for securely connecting microservices using Apigee Edge integration for Pivotal Cloud Foundry.... Read more...
Digital Business
How the Money Bot for Facebook Messenger was...
by Vijaya Kouru, Western Union May 10, 2017
We at Western Union were very excited when we struck a strategic partnership in March with Facebook to build a money transfer bot for the social network’s popular Messenger instant messaging service. But the real... Read more
Learn about the partnership between Western Union and Apigee.... Read more...
Digital Business
How APIs power digital ecosystems
by Sai Koppala May 03, 2017
Successful digital companies not only build great software, but also create and participate in digital ecosystems. Whether they’re digital natives like Google, Twilio, and Stripe, or established enterprises like... Read more
The 2017 State of APIs report identifies factors that contribute to building successful digital platforms and explores how enterprises can build or participate effectively in digital ecosystems.... Read more...
Digital Business
New eBook: Five principles to transform the...
by Michael Endler & Madison Jacobs Apr 25, 2017
For too many businesses, “omnichannel” really just means “more multichannel.” It’s easy to see how we got here. Businesses have long called the combination of e-commerce and brick-and-... Read more
The eBook explores how Walgreens, Burberry, Ticketmaster, and others create frictionless interactions that empower their customers to move seamlessly between channels.... Read more...
Digital Business
by Olaf Domis Apr 21, 2017
“I’m very much looking forward to the day when I can look at the Experian portfolio of applications and we’ve modernized the entire portfolio of externally facing applications and we can drive the pace... Read more
Experian's Alpa Jain explains how an API platform helps the company offer its data tools and services with agility, innovation, and security.... Read more...

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