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by Ismail Elshareef, Ticketmaster Aug 19, 2016
As vice president of open platform and innovation at Ticketmaster, Ismail Elshareef has been working on opening up the API capabilities of the company to the world to support internal and external entrepreneurs who... Read more
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Digital Business
by Bryan Kirschner Aug 16, 2016
General Electric, that icon of the industrial era, has committed to generating $15 billion in annual digital revenue by 2020. Pitney Bowes reports that new digital services already account for $1 billion in annual... Read more
People entrusted with the future of profitability and growth are realizing that their only option in response to digital competition is to lead, follow, or get out of the way.... Read more...
Digital Business
by Madison Jacobs Aug 04, 2016
In internet years, Shutterfly has reached middle age.The leading image publishing company, founded in 1999, has built a vibrant business offering personalized photo products and services that help its customers "... Read more
Shutterfly built a leading online photo business, but as technology evolved and mobile devices flooded the digital landscape, APIs were key to putting a modern facade on its infrastructure.... Read more...
Digital Business
by Olaf Domis Jul 26, 2016
Taking deposits and offering credit has been a steady business for banks for thousands of years, so it isn’t suprising that lenders are often behind the curve when it comes to adopting new technologies. But now... Read more
Tech consultant Paul Rohan explains why banks have an unprecedented opportunity to use data to make better decisions, thanks to PSD2.... Read more...
Digital Business
by Bryan Kirschner Jul 20, 2016
“How many APIs do we have?” If this email from your CEO or a board member hasn’t hit your inbox yet, it’s coming. Six out of ten corporate board members are now saying they want more focus on digital... Read more
A CIO's fate doesn't depend upon how many APIs there are at an enterprise, but on an accurate understanding of the APIs that actually matter.... Read more...
Digital Business
A newsletter for Apigee investors
by Kevin Faulkner Jul 12, 2016
This is the first in our series of newsletters to the investment community. Our goal is to keep investors informed and educated about our business, customers, and markets. Here, we focus on commonality across API... Read more
While digital transformation use cases vary by industry as the underlying business needs vary, there are many commonalities.... Read more...
Digital Business
by John Rethans Jul 06, 2016
The line between digital and physical is blurring. Nowhere is this more evident than retail, as established brands such as Walgreens and Burberry up their digital game to attract new customers while online players like... Read more
Many companies still struggle with thinking strategically about APIs and digital initiatives. The findings of Apigee’s State of APIs in Retail report provide a roadmap for any company launching digital initiatives today.... Read more...

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