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Digital Business
by Brian Pagano Jun 15, 2018
One of the biggest mistakes in modern information technology is using the wrong tool for the job. Any software architect will tell you that each layer has an area of responsibility. Though you could hack together a way... Read more
Missing the transition from legacy integration to using APIs to connect internal systems might prove the difference between business success and failure.... Read more...
Digital Business
by Michael Endler Jun 13, 2018
Until recently, one of my favorite places to see a movie was this theater in Cupertino, California—not because it had the area’s biggest screens, best seats, or most ear-shattering speakers, per se (though... Read more
The old channels through which enterprises attracted and satisfied customer demand are dying. Digital ecosystems are a big part of the solution.... Read more...
Digital Business
by Remco Jansen, Telia Company Jun 11, 2018
Editor's note: Today we hear from Remco Jansen, Telia Company’s API program manager who is responsible for API strategy and execution. Learn how this leading Stockholm-based telco uses APIs and API... Read more
Learn how this leading Stockholm-based telco uses APIs and API management to improve customer experience, partner connections, and organizational agility.... Read more...
API Technology
by Rajesh Mishra & Nandan Sridhar Jun 07, 2018
We’re excited to announce the general availability of Apigee Edge for Private Cloud 4.18.05. This release features native policies for JSON web tokens and RHEL 6.9/7.0 support.   JSON Web Tokens JSON Web... Read more
We’re excited to announce the general availability of Apigee Edge for Private Cloud 4.18.05.... Read more...
Digital Business
by David Andrzejek Jun 06, 2018
The torrid pace of bank branch closures continued unabated last year. In the U.S. alone, over 1,700 branches closed—a record. This follows several years of rapid reduction in the number of branches.... Read more
With the ubiquity of mobile apps, many people’s banking habits now rely less and less on ATMs and other forms of physical infrastructure. What then, is the right branch strategy for the digital era? Is the very concept of branches now dead?... Read more...
Digital Business
Webcast replay
by Olaf de Senerpont Domis Jun 04, 2018
While it’s tempting to deploy an API as a one-time fix, leading companies have stopped thinking of APIs as special projects with limited extensibility. There’s been a dramatic shift: APIs are now seen as strategic... Read more
In this webcast replay, learn how companies are creating specialized teams to design, deliver, and manage API products.... Read more...
Digital Business
New eBook
by Madison Jacobs May 31, 2018
APIs are what makes it possible for software to talk to software. By definition, they’re a technology that connects systems. For example, using APIs to connect a point-of-sale system to a customer relationship... Read more
Our new eBook was created to give those responsible for API programs the clear and strategic guidance and tools they need to help establish an API product mindset across an entire organization.... Read more...

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