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by Olaf Domis Dec 01, 2015
Five years ago, it became clear that digital technology had progressed enough to bring much-needed revolutionary change to the healthcare industry. Unfortunately, the standards for data interoperability created a major... Read more
Grahame Grieve, project manager for the FHIR standard, sat down with us at I Love APIs 2015 to discuss its creation and how APIs and Apigee helps to deliver FHIR's interoperability to the healthcare industry. ... Read more...
by Sumanth Narasappa & Jai Bheemsen Rao Dhanwada Nov 24, 2015
At Apigee, we serve analytics for our customers that range from basic measurements of things like API traffic by time, to more sophisticated capabilities including custom dashboards and deep end-to-end analysis of... Read more
In this post, we describe our switch to large-scale data processing engine Apache Spark, and how we handle Spark to connect with, compute, and store data in multi-tenanted databases.... Read more...
Chapter 4: A new philosophy
by Greg Brail Nov 23, 2015
This is the fourth and final post in a series examining the considerations that went into building an API to power our intelligent API management platform solution.In the previous post of this series, we explored... Read more
Here we’ll wrap up by describing a new approach for creating APIs which we proposed based on our experience and on experience with popular frameworks—one in which the API design drives the code.... Read more...
Digital Business
by Bryan Kirschner Nov 19, 2015
“APIs and open platforms will take center stage.”That’s the first prediction Forrester makes in the recent report “Predictions 2016: Financial Services Execs Wake Up To Digital Transformation.”The report, which details... Read more
A new Forrester report details eight digital shifts the research firm expects to see in retail financial services next year, and suggests a host of new opportunities for financial services firms that master APIs in 2016.... Read more...
The evolution to today's unified app...
by Ed Anuff Nov 17, 2015
Previously in this video series, we discussed the differences between APIs and SOA, and how SOA simply wasn't designed for horizontal scale. In our latest fireside chat, I sat down with my colleague Brian... Read more
In the latest installment of our fireside chat video series, we discuss the evolution from a monolithic web architecture to a modern API architecture.... Read more...
Announcing our 1.1.0 version release
by Prabhat Jha Nov 16, 2015
We're pleased to announce a new version of Apigee Edge Microgateway, a lightweight solution that enables enterprises to manage their APIs in a hybrid deployment. API traffic flows through a gateway running close to the... Read more
We've incorporated customer feedback to add several new features to our latest release of Apigee Edge Microgateway.... Read more...
Webcast replay
by Olaf Domis Nov 13, 2015
A developer portal is the face of your API program. It provides everything that internal, partner, and third-party developers need to build new apps and experiences. In this webcast replay, Apigee's Tej... Read more
In this webcast replay, Apigee's Tej Ravindra, Chris Novak, and Martin Nally discuss what makes a successful developer portal.... Read more...

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