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CTO Musings
by Anant Jhingran Jan 12, 2016
At Apigee, we are doing some phenomenal things. More importantly, because of our work with customers, we have a bird's eye view of the digital revolution. As CTO, I get to participate in these incredible things, and... Read more
Introducing the inaugural post in our new blog channel, "CTO Musings," in which we discuss the difficulty in building large-scale distributed systems.
by Shankar Ramaswamy and Marc Schreuder May 01, 2015
Writing software with the right balance of responsiveness, predictability, and reliability is a constant challenge. Overlay the environment of regular technology revolutions that disrupt the status quo, and you have a... Read more
Writing software in a constantly changing technology environment amounts to changing your rocket's engines and guidance systems in flight. Here are some tips on how to stay on the right trajectory—and get stuff done. 

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