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Digital Business
by Bryan Kirschner Jul 20, 2016
“How many APIs do we have?” If this email from your CEO or a board member hasn’t hit your inbox yet, it’s coming. Six out of ten corporate board members are now saying they want more focus on digital... Read more
A CIO's fate doesn't depend upon how many APIs there are at an enterprise, but on an accurate understanding of the APIs that actually matter.
by Abhi Rele Oct 15, 2015
“What got you here, won’t get you there.” This was the overriding message delivered by Apigee chief technology officer Anant Jhingran in his keynote Wednesday at I Love APIs 2015. He explained how... Read more
In his keynote today at I Love APIs 2015, Apigee chief technology officer Anant Jhingran articulated how modern software is built and operated very differently, and why legacy technology infrastructure, architectures, and principles are no longer sufficient to build a competitive advantage in the digital economy.
Digital Business
by Bryan Kirschner Aug 13, 2015
"Don't come in with 1,000 pages of PowerPoint decks and heatmaps; come into the boardroom, put your fist down, and say, 'There's a war on; there's a completely different game that's in town, and it's not coming from... Read more
Boards recognize the specter of digital disruption—but many are ill-equipped to deal with it. I ♥ APIs 2015 offers up a panel of leaders that will address this by sharing insights on catalyzing board-level digital transformation.

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