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Digital Business
by Michael Endler Jan 18, 2017
Autodesk has been synonymous for decades with industry-leading 3D design software—but if the shift toward mobile devices and the cloud has shown anything, it’s that marketplace incumbency doesn’t... Read more
Autodesk's Shawn Gilmour discusses how APIs and API management spell opportunity for the company's bottom line.
Digital Business
Tech departments need new ways to move faster
by Brian Pagano Mar 31, 2016
It's no secret: businesses are making huge demands on their tech departments these days. And for good reason. Markets are changing, customers are demanding self-service and personalization, partners are demanding... Read more
Markets, customers, partners, and employees are all placing new demands on IT. What needs to change to meet these requirements?
A new Node.js Foundation survey for...
by Alan Ho Jan 13, 2016
The Node.js Foundation is launching a user experience and version adoption survey. The Node.js Foundation is part of the Linux foundation. Its mission is to enable the widespread adoption of Node.js through an open... Read more
If you're a Node.js user, please take a moment to participate in a new user experience and version adoption survey.
by Olaf Domis Oct 09, 2015
What are the biggest cyber threats facing financial and healthcare entities today and in the near future? How can organizations embrace innovation and agile development culture while balancing the time to market goals... Read more
Join Jason Kobus, director of API banking at Silicon Valley Bank, and Apigee's head of security Subra Kumaraswamy in this webcast replay as they discuss how an effective API program, combined with a secure API management platform, can provide visibility for all security threats targeting their backend services.

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