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Webcast replay
by Olaf Domis May 02, 2017
You’ve heard the microservices success stories. You’ve heard about organizations that have scaled 50 services up and down seamlessly and deployed each in minutes. You, on the other hand, are too nervous to... Read more
In this webcast replay, architects at Gamesys share their first-hand experiences and discuss the whys and why nots of microservices
CTO Musings
by Anant Jhingran Mar 22, 2017
Enterprise CTOs have microservices on the mind. After relying for years on monolithic stacks, these IT leaders are trading in their old architectures for independently deployable systems and granular, lightweight... Read more
Microservices can deliver tremendous speed and agility—but getting there requires cultural and organizational transformation in addition to new technology.
Digital Business
A lighthearted look at SOA and today's agile...
by Olaf Domis Mar 14, 2016
For more on why APIs are the underpinning of today's digital use cases, read the eBook, "Beyond ESB Architecture with APIs." 
Why APIs are taking over the world (infographic).
We’ve renamed API Health...
by Srinivasulu Grandhi Feb 19, 2016
We introduced API Health last year to enable DevOps teams to continuously monitor the health of their APIs from various geographic locations and receive alerts about any anomalies so they can quickly restore API service... Read more
We’ve integrated lessons we’ve learned into Apigee Test, the next iteration of the product we launched in beta as Apigee Health.
CTO Musings
by Anant Jhingran Jan 12, 2016
At Apigee, we are doing some phenomenal things. More importantly, because of our work with customers, we have a bird's eye view of the digital revolution. As CTO, I get to participate in these incredible things, and... Read more
Introducing the inaugural post in our new blog channel, "CTO Musings," in which we discuss the difficulty in building large-scale distributed systems.
by Alan Ho Nov 11, 2015
As popularized by Yegge’s Google platform rant, Amazon is regarded as the first company that got microservices and APIs right. Chris Munns, business development manager of DevOps at AWS, provided an excellent talk at I... Read more
Chris Munns, business development manager of DevOps at AWS, provided an excellent talk at I Love APIs 2015 about how enterprise microservices are really built at Amazon, and what makes them work at enterprise scale.
by Ed Anuff May 19, 2014
In previous posts in this series, we’ve looked at how modern applications are built, the rise of micro services architecture, and what this new application architecture means for services governance. Integration... Read more
Integration models rooted in appliance-heritage products have no place in automation-centric DevOps processes. There's no need for a separate “integration” product owned by a special ops IT group to satisfy the new API use cases. And as mobile is inherently API-centric, this reinforces the idea that these use cases shouldn't be addressed by heavyweight integration products.

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