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by Anil Sagar Apr 27, 2016
In a previous post, we discussed our experience at the first Philips Hue Hackathon in Bangalore. We integrated the Philips Hue API with Uber’s API to build a mobile app that seamlessly incorporates both platforms... Read more
In the second post about hacking our "Hueber" app, we share the code our team produced.
Building a new user experience at the...
by Anil Sagar Apr 12, 2016
For most of its history, the light bulb has been a simple device that provides light. It’s either on or it’s off. Philips Hue changed this. By employing APIs and smart technology, Philips digitally... Read more
The first in a series of posts about building a new app at the Philips Innovation Campus in Bangalore.

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