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Digital Business
New eBook: Five principles to transform the...
by Michael Endler & Madison Jacobs Apr 25, 2017
For too many businesses, “omnichannel” really just means “more multichannel.” It’s easy to see how we got here. Businesses have long called the combination of e-commerce and brick-and-... Read more
The eBook explores how Walgreens, Burberry, Ticketmaster, and others create frictionless interactions that empower their customers to move seamlessly between channels.
Digital Business
by Olaf Domis Mar 07, 2016
For Brazil-based retailer Magazine Luiza, digital transformation had evolved from a question of “why,” to "when." So said the company’s IT manager Thiago Catoto in an interview at I Love APIs... Read more
We spoke with Magazine Luiza's Thiago Catoto at I Love APIs 2015 about the Brazil-based retailer's digital transformation.
CTO Musings
The impact of digital transformation is much...
by Anant Jhingran Feb 11, 2016
As a technologist, I have always discounted marketing hype. Frequently, I hear about "helping enterprises with digital transformation." However, every time I hear those words I start to wonder: what exactly is... Read more
What does "digital" really mean?

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