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Digital Business
by Bryan Kirschner Apr 11, 2017
Sometimes, strategic advantage relies on concealment. The formula for Coca-Cola, for example, is a famously well-kept secret.In other cases, a company's secret advantage is as plain as day, and their success is premised... Read more
The key to digital isn’t replicating what your competitors are doing—it’s expanding into new lines of digital business by leveraging digital assets in unique and innovative ways.
Digital Business
The Brazil retailer's digital success...
by John Rethans Feb 23, 2017
Lots of CEOs issue great vision statements. But it's not that often that they can back their words up with results. In Magazine Luiza's annual management report, released this week, CEO Frederico Trajano... Read more
In Magazine Luiza's annual management report, released this week, CEO Frederico Trajano issued a full-throated digital transformation manifesto.
Digital Business
by Olaf Domis Feb 22, 2017
It’s hard to find a better example of a traditional business that has embraced the API economy—and seen tangible results because of it—than Walgreens. Whether through its Photo Prints API or its... Read more
A conversation with Walgreens developer evangelist Drew Schweinfurth.
by Michael Endler Jan 26, 2017
Not too long ago, if a big brand wanted to implement an omnichannel customer rewards program, it was a little like gathering 1,000 or so of your closest friends for a particularly epic and elaborate mannequin challenge... Read more
Walgreens developer evangelist Drew Schweinfurth describes how microservices make the company's services easy to develop on.
Digital Business
by John Rethans Jan 24, 2017
Retail is a tough business. In Brazil, it’s brutal.Tight margins, lots of overhead, turbulent markets, and that’s just the start. In Brazil, retailers contend with extreme political and economic instability, tax and... Read more
The story behind Magazine Luiza’s strong performance has its roots in digital bets made over several years by leadership willing to take a risk and bring in outside perspectives.
Digital Business
Webcast replay
by Olaf Domis Sep 01, 2016
APIs are a critical part of how leading retailer L.L.Bean creates powerful digital experiences for its customers across mobile and online channels. In this webcast, L.L.Bean’s Kristopher Kleva walks us through the... Read more
L.L.Bean’s Kristopher Kleva walks us through the company’s digital commerce API platform.
Ready-to-use digital commerce APIs and a...
by Arvind Jain Aug 01, 2016
Consumers expect instant, personalized engagement through multiple online and physical channels; it’s gotten to the point where retailers really don’t have a choice but to build digtially enabled customer... Read more
Getting started with an API program is often a major challenge for retailers, so we've introduced the Apigee Commerce APIx solution.

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