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by Nandan Sridhar Jun 14, 2017
In a previous post, we discussed some of the features of Apigee Edge Microgateway and the power of hybrid API management.Here, we’ll walk you through tutorials to deploy Apigee Edge Microgateway as a Docker container,... Read more
Learn how to deploy Microgateway as a Docker container and in Cloud Foundry, Google App Engine, and Azure App Services.
The power of end-to-end user security...
by Robert Broeckelmann, Levvel Jun 13, 2017
Robert Broeckelmann is a principal consultant at Levvel. He focuses on API management, integration, and identity–especially where these three intersect. He’s worked with clients across the financial,... Read more
End-to-end transmission of an authenticated user’s security context can create some complexity, but it's worth it.
Digital Business
by Brian Pagano Jun 08, 2017
I remember once seeing an old, black-and-white photo of a horse pulling an automobile.The owner of the car gripped the horse’s reins, seemingly oblivious to the fact that he could have used the steering wheel.... Read more
Stop confusing the old with the new and start moving like a sleek sports car into the digital future.
How to add API management capabilities...
by Nandan Sridhar Jun 06, 2017
A lot of enterprises are exploring microservices as an architecture pattern for building or exposing new APIs. Often, a microservices strategy includes an infrastructure stack with components like Docker, Cloud Foundry... Read more
Learn how to add API management capabilities natively on the microservices stack of your choice
by Rajesh MIshra & Sudhee Sreedhara Jun 02, 2017
We’re excited to announce the general availability of Apigee Edge for Private Cloud 4.17.05. This release includes several features and bug fixes that help you better control and secure your APIs, standardize... Read more
This release includes several features and bug fixes that help you better control and secure your APIs, standardize deployment, enable reusability of existing infrastructure components, and make it easy to manage developer apps.
by Martin Nally May 31, 2017
There are two schools of thought on how to design URLs in web APIs, and they often turn into warring factions. Here at Apigee, in the past, we have seen very heated discussions on this topic, with the ultimate... Read more
A discussion of the two schools of thought behind URL design, and how they came together in a unified approach.
by Srinandan Sridhar & Sarthak Ganguly May 25, 2017
APIs are everywhere. With organizations of all sizes connecting their customers, partners, and developers through APIs, identity and access management becomes a key consideration. But different use cases have different... Read more
Learn how Apigee Edge addresses the identity and access needs for both private and public cloud deployments.

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