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by Prithpal Bhogill Jul 27, 2016
Okta is a popular identity and access management solution that shares several customers with Apigee. Often, customers whose API calls flow through Apigee and rely on Apigee as the OAuth provider for all of their apps... Read more
Often, customers whose API calls flow through Apigee and rely on Apigee as the OAuth provider for all of their apps also want to use Okta for end-user authentication. How can they make this a seamless process?
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Why scalability is a key part of a retail...
by Sai Koppala Jun 07, 2016
Even if you aren’t into Star Wars, you've probably heard of “Chewbacca Mom” on social media and TV talk shows. The giggling Candace Payne’s Facebook Live video of her new Chewbacca mask, purchased at retailer Kohl’s,... Read more
Unpredictable spikes in traffic and demand should be welcomed—as long as your business is prepared to handle a Chewbacca moment.
CTO Musings
by Anant Jhingran Jun 01, 2016
I am getting tired of listening to “Oh, we’re building internal APIs, we don’t need API management.”   <rant> You actually know that this API will not be externalized?   You... Read more
Don’t be boxed in by thinking APIs, but not thinking API management for your internal services. You will not succeed.
by Steve Traut Apr 15, 2016
StreetCarts needs you!We've got a few features we want to add,  including a client app (maybe an Ionic or iOS app?), support for payment processing, and support for reviewing food carts (i.e., finishing the /reviews... Read more
We recently finished the first version of StreetCarts, a set of sample proxies for accessing data about food trucks.
Key criteria for selecting a digital...
by Olaf Domis Mar 15, 2016
As Forrester analyst Randy Heffner wrote in a recent report, APIs are the underpinning of digital business platforms. They help enterprises prepare for an unpredictable future. So what goes into the evaluation of an API... Read more
We've reduced the process of building an RFP for API management from hours to minutes with this handy RFP template.
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Apigee's testimony before the ONC API Task...
by Greg Brail Mar 09, 2016
Apigee was invited to submit testimony to a January 2016 meeting of the API Task Force of the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (known as the ONC). The Task Force posed a series of... Read more
The second part of my testimony on API security before the ONC's API Task Force.
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by David Andrzejek Feb 26, 2016
This week the popular Nissan Leaf was in the headlines, but not in a good way. Security researchers Scott Helme and Troy Hunt demonstrated how any Leaf can be easily hacked. The duo hacked into Helme’s Leaf with little... Read more
Nissan found out this week that the APIs powering it's electric Leaf model can be hacked with little more than a particular Vehicle Identification Number.

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