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Digital Business
by Olaf Domis Dec 28, 2016
A key product for the newly independent HP Inc., the computer, printer, and graphics business of the former Hewlett-Packard Co., is PrintOS, a print production operating system that offers web and mobile apps for HP... Read more
We spoke with HP's Evan Scheessele about how APIs have become a key part of his company's product strategy.
by Prithpal Bhogill Dec 21, 2016
We recently announced the general availability of Edge Microgateway on Pivotal Cloud Foundry. Here, we’ll offer some more details on the enhancements in the release, and we’ll cover some important updates to the Edge... Read more
Learn about the enhancements to Edge Microgateway and Edge Service Broker on Pivotal Cloud Foundry
Digital Business
by David Feuer Dec 16, 2016
When I think about why executives sometimes have a hard time wrapping their minds around digital transformation, the example of the RCA connector comes to mind.This ubiquitous analog cable has been used to connect... Read more
Learn why a digital strategy and a platform approach must be a corporate mandate.
Digital Business
by Olaf Domis Dec 13, 2016
Producing new apps that tap into Pitney Bowes' wealth of data is a key part of the company's "commerce cloud"—its cloud platform that provides a range of solutions, analytics, and APIs.  But... Read more
Pitney Bowes senior vice president James Fairweather discusses the before and after of adopting an API management platform.
Digital Business
by Madison Jacobs Dec 09, 2016
When Philips Healthcare markets its new cloud-enabled platform of devices, apps, and digital tools, this platform’s ability to offer smart, meaningful, and seamlessly connected health solutions and experiences is... Read more
We spoke with Dale Wiggins, general manager of Philips HealthSuite Digital Platform, about how API management boosts time to market.
by Prithpal Bhogill Dec 07, 2016
Enterprises are adopting a variety of microservices stacks, including Pivotal Cloud Foundry, Docker, Kubernetes, Apache Mesos, and Netflix OSS. Microservices are becoming increasingly popular with developers, but this... Read more
We're excited to announce the general availability of Apigee Edge Microgateway for Pivotal Cloud Foundry, which enables Edge Microgateway to run natively as an app inside Pivotal Cloud Foundry and have it provide API management via route services to the deployed apps.
New eBook: Best practices in web API design
by Madison Jacobs Dec 06, 2016
Attention all API developers—API design matters! It's important to think about design choices from the application developers point of view.   Why? Because the app developer is the consumer of your web... Read more
Our latest eBook on API design is a comprehensive collection of the web API design best practices used by some of the world’s leading API teams.

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