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Announcement: Free eBook on the API Facade Pattern

Brian Mulloy
Jul 04, 2012

In working with API teams all over the world, a design pattern we've seen work really well is the API Facade Pattern. We touched on the concept in the Web API Design eBook and then in March of this year we explored the API Facade Design Pattern in a bit more depth in a
series of short webcasts.

We've created a new eBook with the API Facade material that you can download for your favorite e-reader and will hopefully find useful.

API Facade Pattern: A Simple Interface to a Complex System

Big thanks to all the freelancers, corporate geeks, open source contributors, bloggers and doers who helped craft our thinking about API design in general and the API Facade Pattern in particular. Enjoy the e-book and please let us hear any feedback: @landlessness or brian@apigee.com

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