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Announcement: Free eBook on Web API Design

Brian Mulloy
Mar 22, 2012

We wrote an API design book!

In 2009, a couple of my fellow Apigeeks (@earth2marsh & @gbrail) and I were frustrated with how many bad, inconsistent Web APIs we encountered in the world. So, we started cataloging the bad (and good) things we saw people doing to other people through API design. After three years of discussions, presentations and implementations with technologists all over the world (online & in real life), we are happy to announce the beta version of a new eBook.

 Web API Design: Crafting Interfaces that Developers Love 

Although I did my best to chase down errors, there are likely mistakes and bugs in the book. Plus, it's shocking how poorly code and eBook publishing get along. Despite some blemishes though I think you'll enjoy kicking back and reading some of the world's best thinking about API design.

Big thanks to all the freelancers, corporate geeks, open source contributors, bloggers and doers who helped craft our thinking about API design. Please enjoy the book and please let us hear any feedback: @landlessness or brian@apigee.com

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