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Announcing Apigee Link: Evolve From a Devices Business to a Digital IoT Platform

Mar 31, 2015

Many people associate the Internet of Things with novelty gadgets or wearables connected to a smartphone. Or they think of devices with simple remote control via a smartphone. At Apigee, we think of the Internet of Things as much more than that.

It presents our customers with the opportunity to take many “things,” connect them to each other and to the internet, create harmonious experiences that span multiple devices, and grow ecosystems of connected things, mobile apps, customers, and partners. It presents the opportunity to bring physical devices into our digital and mobile world and completely reimagine the way we live, the way business is conducted, and how our communities operate.

Unfortunately, this vision doesn’t turn into reality unless devices—industrial equipment, power generators, washing machines, light bulbs, cars, and more—become digital components.

For this to happen, we need to help device makers move to the digital world. We need to help them transform their devices business into digital IoT platform businesses, and create ecosystems of customers and partners around connected devices.

However, device makers can experience a number of challenges in building a digital platform business: reliably and securely connecting devices to the internet with minimal latency; enabling partners and customers to orchestrate digital experiences that involve multiple devices; working with app developers; and collecting, analyzing, and acting on data from sensors and actuators. Device makers do not have a clear path to solving these challenges, which increases the risks of and slows down their move toward the digital world of IoT.

Announcing Apigee Link: an API-first Internet of Things platform

Apigee Link is the API-first IoT platform for connecting devices to the internet. It enables device makers to securely link devices to the internet and grow ecosystems of connected devices, mobile apps, customers, and partners.

Apigee Link provides built-in REST APIs and end-to-end connectivity for devices. Device makers can use the REST APIs to offer new digital experiences to their customers, create new revenue streams with their partners, and grow their businesses.

Apigee Link takes the IoT beyond novelty gadgets and enables any device maker to become a digital IoT platform business. As a platform business, a device maker can grow an ecosystem of customers and partners around connected devices and bring about the systemic change that the IoT promises.

Apigee Link includes two components: device APIs and IoT ecosystems.

Device APIs

Connect devices to the cloud and access them using built-in REST APIs.  

  • Built-in REST APIs: Access any device with built-in REST APIs

  • Open source mediation: Communicate with any device by mediating between protocols and data formats, including HTTP, ZigBee, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), MQTT, and JSON

  • Device data streaming: Capture a complete picture of the physical environment by streaming, ingesting, and storing sensor and actuator data

  • Device identity: Securely extend partner and user access by identifying, grouping, authenticating, and authorizing devices

  • Device management: Provision, activate, diagnose, and monitor many distributed devices

IoT ecosystems

Grow ecosystems of connected devices, mobile apps, customers, and partners.

  • Partner and user identity: Securely extend device reach and revenue by identifying, authenticating, and authorizing multiple partners and users

  • Rules and applications: Develop data-intensive real-time experiences by authoring rules and alerts, and hub, cloud, and mobile apps

  • Device data analytics: Generate actionable intelligence by analyzing event data from devices

  • Mobile and platform SDKs: Enable app developers to rapidly build digital experiences with SDKs for iOS, with planned support for Android, JavaScript, and other languages and platforms

  • Device driver SDK: Rapidly add devices and new device types to digital ecosystems with adapters for protocol mediation and scouts for device discovery

Apigee Link leverages Zetta, the open source IoT platform project. To keep pace with the growing diversity of new and legacy device standards, Apigee Link builds on Zetta’s open source protocol mediation capabilities so that myriad devices can effectively communicate and negotiate with one another. Apigee Link extends Zetta by adding enterprise support and cloud services.

Apigee Link is available today as a cloud and device software offering for select customers and will be widely available later this year. To learn more about Apigee Link, visit our website.

If you’re interested in playing a pivotal role in reimagining how your business and industry operates, drop us a line—we’d love to work with you.

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