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API-DN: Measuring API Traffic In and Across Geographic Regions

Jun 17, 2015

Many of our cloud customers choose the API-DN (delivery network) deployment option when they deploy Apigee Edge software infrastructure across multiple regional data centers (Virginia, Oregon, Ireland, Singapore, Tokyo, and Sydney, for example) to service their API traffic.

There are several benefits to this deployment model, including:

  • minimizing the overall latency of API requests and reduce errors by cutting down the distance the API requests travel over the network to reach the Edge interface

  • distributing the traffic workload across multiple independent API proxy gateway instances

  • improving overall reliability and disaster recovery in the event of a catastrophic data center failure

If you use the API-DN capability for Edge in our cloud, you can now see a breakdown of API traffic behavior within each of those regions.

We have introduced a new advanced dimension “ax_dn_region” as part of the Edge Analytics custom reports. This dimension tags each API request with the region name through which it is transmitted. As a result, API teams can measure any aspect of API behavior as traffic flows through each regional data center.

Some custom reports that you can now create include:

  • traffic breakdown across regions

  • response time differences across regions

  • API proxy or target system errors for API calls across regions

API-DN: Measuring API Traffic In and Across Geographic Regions


From this report, the API team can see that users hitting the APIs that went through the “us-west-2” region experienced temporary increases in response time. The degradation was caused by an increase in response time from the back-end target systems.

Use your imagination to create other custom reports to measure the behavior of your apps, APIs, and back-end targets as API traffic flows through different regions.

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