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API Management: Is Your Solution Enterprise-Grade?

Mar 12, 2015

We’ve been fortunate to help hundreds of customers transform into digital businesses. The insights we’ve gained have taught us a lot about digital business success and failure. One of the most important decisions you’ll make is how you will manage the mission-critical APIs that connect your business to apps, developers, and customers.

The API management decision impacts not only your eventual success but also time-to-value, bottom-line cost, and even opportunity cost.

What seems safe may be the riskiest

When Apigee initially talked with a large telco prospect, we learned that they were using an API management solution provided by their existing SOA vendor. After learning about Apigee Edge they decided that even though they had concerns about their solutions capabilities they would continue working with their existing vendor. Armed with a list of requirements and promised modifications they believed they could achieve their goals.

Two months later, we got the call to return to discussions, as this company had realized that its existing solution was not up to the challenge of enterprise-grade performance, stability, and functionality. They came back to Apigee and understood the difference between a product extended to address API management, and one designed from the ground up for the digital business of APIs and apps (Apigee Edge).

It’s more complicated than it might seem

The sales cycle of a prospective customer in the media and entertainment industry highlights a different lesson. An initial engagement involving learning about Edge and API management led to an RFP three months later. Another vendor was selected. Even though the company acknowledged that Edge was a more complete solution, this company believed it could get by with less.

This vendor’s approach was also one of extending existing SOA infrastructure to manage APIs. Six months later we got the call to return. The product this prospect had chosen was not stable, it didn’t do all that was needed, and they were behind schedule. This customer came back to Apigee after learning that several features it thought were unnecessary were in fact important to its ability to achieve its business goals.

Don’t forget opportunity cost

A company in the media industry was using a competitive product but was unhappy with the level of business agility, and the lack of visibility this solution provided into its digital business. The discussions we had didn’t result in a change to Apigee until two years later.

Two years is an eternity in the land grab for digital business. Progress slows, competitors advance, and the inability to respond to and profit from new market opportunities translates into significant opportunity cost. This customer came back to Apigee after experiencing the impact of that opportunity cost.

Large-scale change is difficult. We are privileged to learn a lot by helping some of the most large-scale and mission critical deployments across a variety of industries become digital businesses. It’s always more complex than it seems. Customer panelists at a recent Apigee event unanimously said that the move to digital is always more involved than one would originally think, and advised against minimizing the task. To help you succeed, Apigee Edge is built from the ground up for digital business and provides the most complete and unified solution available.

Learn more about Edge and what it offers by watching this demo.

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