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Apigee Edge SMB: API Management for Small and Mid-sized Businesses

Jun 11, 2015

Are you at a smaller company that‘s launching an API to grow your business? Do you need a quick way to get your API program off the ground?

This week we announced Apigee Edge SMB—API management for small and mid-sized businesses.

Apigee Edge SMB is based on Apigee Edge technology, and is available as a cloud-only offering for up to 25 million API calls per quarter at an annual subscription that works out to less than $2,000 per month.

It includes the core API management functionality you’ll find in our full Apigee Edge enterprise platform, a developer portal, and support for a single named contact. There’s no limit on the number of APIs or API products you can build or the developers you can support. Apigee Edge SMB is a self-service and SaaS experience—you’ll be building APIs right away and launched in days.

Want to learn more?    

First, start by learning “how to buy” on our website for a full comparison between the free Apigee Edge developer trial, Apigee Edge SMB, and the Apigee Edge enterprise digital platform. After you have a sense how our different Apigee Edge offerings compare, let us know if you’d like the detailed specifications on Apigee Edge SMB.

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