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Apigee Health APIx: Accelerating Digital Healthcare

Oct 12, 2015

We’re proud to unveil Apigee Health APIx, a new solution built on Apigee Edge that  assists healthcare providers in accelerating the development and delivery of digital services based on FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) APIs.

Health APIx features FHIR APIs and a healthcare developer portal to help hospitals meet the demand for data interoperability, deliver patient-centric healthcare, and move faster to the digital world

Accomplishing this is critical. New customer expectations, technology advances, and new policies are opening up all kinds of opportunities for healthcare companies, but they need help knocking down barriers to innovation.

The momentum has been building to accelerate digital innovation. FHIR is a draft standard that describes data formats and APIs for exchanging electronic health records to enable healthcare companies to securely share data with each other and mobile apps and meet certification guidelines set by the U.S. government. Project Argonaut is a private sector initiative aimed at advancing the adoption of modern, open interoperability standards in healthcare using the FHIR standard.  

FHIR APIs and Project Argonaut, along with the  development acceleration possible with Apigee Health APIx, can be catalysts to help healthcare companies innovate faster.

Our announcement coincides with the the kick-off today of I Love APIs 2015 in San Jose, Calif. Attendees can hear Grahame Grieve, principal at Health Intersections and the original architect of the FHIR API, and Aneesh Chopra, the former (and first) CTO of the United States, discuss the latest updates on Project Argonaut, FHIR APIs, and healthcare innovation.

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