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Apigee Sense: Intelligent API Security

Oct 13, 2015

We’re excited today to unveil Apigee Sense, the industry’s first intelligent API security product.

It’s a data-driven security solution that leverages a high volume of API call data and predictive analytics to continually and proactively identify bad “bots”–the automated software programs deployed over the Internet for malicious purposes like identity theft.

Apigee Sense uses sophisticated machine learning to improve security as bad bots evolve; it extends the security capabilities of the Apigee Edge API management platform.

I’ll be discussing Apigee Sense tomorrow at I Love APIs 2015 in San Jose, Calif. If you’re here, stop by my session, which is entitled "Data-Driven Security: Protect your APIs from Adaptive Threats." Meanwhile, you can learn more about Apigee Sense here.

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