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Business Level Monitoring using Traffic Composition Reports

Mar 15, 2013

Enterprises are adopting API strategies to open up access to their back-end systems enabling developers to innovate and build web and mobile apps. Today's economy is exploding with business being done via apps, and as a result more and more transactions flow from end users and developers to enterprises.

Analytics plays a critical role in the success of an enterprise's API program. Using Apigee Analytics, Apigee Enterprise customers and their developers get visibility into their APIs, apps, and developer traffic. In our latest release, you can access a new "Traffic Composition" report right on the Apigee Enterprise User Interface (no setup required!).


What is Business Level Monitoring?
You are probably already familiar with operational monitoring of your API program. Apigee Analytics provides key metrics like Traffic, Response Time, Errors, Data Exchanged, which offer deep visibility into your API’s quality of service (QoS). You get a level of visibility that enables both tactical and strategic operational activities - everything from dealing with errors and outages in your APIs to capacity planning.

The Traffic Composition Report provides insights into the most valuable entities of an API program - apps, developers, APIs, and resources.

The report enables API program owners to detect business problems such as lower traffic trends or diminishing contribution from key apps and developers. API program owners can also get early notification of new entities that contribute to API traffic, and take actions to respond like enabling their inclusion in nurturing programs.

Business Level Monitoring is the parallel to operational monitoring and is needed by business owners of API programs (such as the API product manager, API program owner, and so on) to monitor the significant entities that drive their programs. Traffic Composition reports show the contribution of entities like APIs, resources, apps, developers and products to your API program traffic.

For each entity type, the report displays the following:

  • the traffic (in number of messages)
  • the relative contribution to overall traffic
  • the traffic trends over time

What key business insights will you get?

Business level monitoring gives you the following kinds of information, which you can use to improve and evolve your API program and your business.

  • Your Most Valuable Players (MVPs) - the entities that make a sustained contribution to your API program over time.  You will also learn the relative contribution of these entities over time to your API program.
  • New entrants to your MVP set that require nurturing
  • Previous members of the MVP set that are no longer part of the MVP set

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