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Charting the API Journey: Accenture's Maturity Model

Jun 02, 2014

API industrialization: noun \ ā-pē-’ī in-ˈdəs-trē-ə-līz-ā-shən\ : a set of technologies for publishing APIs with the efficiency, agility, and scale necessary to compete in the digital world.


We’re pleased to highlight the availability of a new app, developed by Accenture*, which helps organizations understand where they are in their API journey. Success in the digital world goes beyond just enabling access through APIs. In fact, it requires API industrialization: a model for evolving differentiated APIs at the speed and scale needed to capture new opportunities.

Dubbed the API Maturity Model, this new application is part of Accenture’s API Management Suite and describes the journey to becoming a digital business against several required dimensions, including strategy and governance, architecture, development process, developer community, and optimization.

Explore the factors along these dimensions as they relate to your goals (the assessment takes about 60 minutes to complete).

Accenture’s Teresa Tung and I discussed the maturity model concept and explored steps to move beyond API enablement to an industrial-strength API strategy in a webcast entitled “API Maturity Model.”

Check out Accenture’s new app today!


*Accenture is an Apigee investor and a member of our advisory board

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