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Create FHIR-Enabled Expriences: An API-First Approach for the Healthcare Apps Ecosystem (webcast & podcast)

Jul 06, 2015

The Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) mandate, which created an API-based format for exchanging health data, has opened the door to a world of new efficiencies and patient-centric healthcare reform. With APIs as the foundational technology, FHIR enables healthcare IT to drive innovation that’s truly focused on the patient.

In this webcast replay, SMART Health IT's Josh Mandel joins Apigee's Aashima Gupta to discuss the future of FHIR-enabled apps.

Josh and Aashima also discuss:

  • the current state of FHIR specs and the roadmap ahead
  • the purpose of the Argonaut Project, an industry-led code sprint
  • the importance of an intelligent API platform for creating FHIR APIs
  • how to sign up for Apigee’s Sandbox and begin creating FHIR-enabled experiences


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