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Data-Driven Product Management (webcast & podcast)

Aug 21, 2014

As a product manager or data scientist, there's real value in having hard facts based on real data, instead of relying on gut instinct, when making key product decisions. But it can be a struggle getting critical data at the right time. Your company’s API-based metrics are a powerful resource to drive product design, development, and adoption.

In this webcast, Alan Ho, Jeff West, and Jin Zhang discuss how they use data to drive product management decisions at Apigee. They impart lessons they’ve learned in building internal product intelligence using API analytics, and share practical and actionable tips and valuable insights based on real world examples.

They also cover:

  • the value of data-driven product management

  • how to make data-driven product management decisions

  • using API metrics to drive operational and business decisions for your product

  • how to leverage Apigee Edge for product management, API management, and app management



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