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How the API Tier Trumps Monolithic Web Architecture

The evolution to today's unified app interaction channel
Ed Anuff
Nov 17, 2015

Previously in this video series, we discussed the differences between APIs and SOA, and how SOA simply wasn't designed for horizontal scale. 

In our latest fireside chat, I sat down with my colleague Brian Pagano to discuss how we progressed from a monolithic web architecture to today's unified app interaction channel architecture.

Each step in the evolution is not simply a bolt-on to a previous architecture; a modern API architecture requires thinking "outside in," and it requires consideration of the needs of people beyond certain trust boundaries. An API tier requires a completely different way of thinking about exposure and consumption.


For more on the evolution of the modern API architecture and the difference between APIs and SOA, download the free eBooks, "APIs are Different than Integration" and "Beyond ESB Architecture with APIs."


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