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How APIs and FHIR Will Revolutionize Healthcare

Dec 01, 2015

Five years ago, it became clear that digital technology had progressed enough to bring much-needed revolutionary change to the healthcare industry. Unfortunately, the standards for data interoperability created a major stumbling block to progress.

Grahame Grieve, principal at healthcare technology consultancy Health Intersections, helped lead the charge to knock down these hurdles.

"APIs were clearly going to be the future, so we decided to take the API approach, bolt on to it our healthcare knowledge that we had generated through thirty years of doing healthcare standards, and hopefully people would like it," Grahame said during a conversation at I Love APIs 2015. "People have liked it."

Grahame is project manager for the FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) standard, which outlines data formats and APIs for exchanging electronic health records. 

In this interview, Grahame discussed the creation of the FHIR (pronounced "fire") standard and Argonaut, the private sector initiative to advance the adoption of modern, open interoperability standards in healthcare. He also detailed how Apigee Health APIx delivers FHIR API-based app and data interoperability to healthcare teams in a secure, compliant way.

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