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I ♥ APIs 2014 CTO Keynote: Building Adaptive Apps

Sep 17, 2014

Apps are what drive businesses on their digital transformation journeys. They inform and enable transactions of all kinds. But to make apps more personalized, and enable them to create far more sticky experiences for users, something more is needed. Apps need to “learn”—they have to adapt to the behavior and actions of the end user.

The building blocks for these kinds of adaptive apps are APIs and data. APIs enable data streams full of valuable signals, generated by the behavior of end users. Combined with other enterprise data sources, analyzing this information can generate deep insights into what users want, and expect—and even help predict user behavior.

But unlocking these insights isn’t part of the app developer’s skill set. It’s part of the data scientist’s expertise. Their focus has always been on building the best models for user behavior and knowing what tools to use.

To succeed in building adaptive apps, a new relationship is needed between the data scientist and the developer, one that solves the hard data problems in a way that enables the developer to leverage the data and focus on what they are good at: innovation.

Apigee’s head of product Anant Jhingran examined this new relationship, and how Apigee has built a platform to foster this symbiosis and the connections between all the enterprise stakeholders—business and IT, in addition to data scientists and developers— in his keynote at  I ♥ APIs 2014 earlier this month:



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