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Introducing the Apigee Commerce APIx Solution

Ready-to-use digital commerce APIs and a purpose-built developer portal
Aug 01, 2016

Consumers expect instant, personalized engagement through multiple online and physical channels; it’s gotten to the point where retailers really don’t have a choice but to build digtially enabled customer experiences—quickly.

APIs are the way leading retailers create the seamless experiences their customers demand. They open the door to a variety of advanced commerce services—APIs enable consumers to compare and review products online or check product availability on a mobile app before heading to a store to make a purchase.

The first step is sometimes the hardest—getting started with an API program is often a major challenge for retailers, so we’ve introduced the Apigee Commerce APIx solution.

Based on best practices at leading retailers, Apigee Commerce APIx provides a set of open-source, ready-to-use digital commerce APIs and a purpose-built developer portal to accelerate your API partner program.

Built on Apigee Edge, our API management platform, Commerce APIx’s preconfigured proxies provide standard APIs for core commerce services along with advanced APIs for personalized engagement, flexible fulfillment, and customer loyalty. 

Learn more, explore the developer portal, and download the Commerce APIx solution today.

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