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Modern Software Principles Every Enterprise Must Adopt

Oct 15, 2015

“What got you here, won’t get you there.”

This was the overriding message delivered by Apigee chief technology officer Anant Jhingran in his keynote Wednesday at I Love APIs 2015. He explained how modern software is built and operated very differently, and why legacy technology infrastructure, architectures, and principles are no longer sufficient to build a competitive advantage in the digital economy.

Enterprises can no longer afford to bolt on to their current technology investments in hopes of staying competitive in the digital world. Instead, CIOs and architectects need to rethink their technology strategy and adopt the approach to software development, infrastructure, and operations that startups and disruptors have pioneered.

For five key areas of building and operating software, there are five modern software principles that every CIO and architect should adopt:



Legacy Approach

Modern Software Principle


Expensive two-phase commit

Eventual consistency


Expensive reliable queues

Replication & idempotency

Unknown threats

Rules & humans



Care & revive

Rip & replace

Cooperating services

ESB & message brokers

Distributed network


An API-first approach plays a central role and paves the way to adopting modern software principles and building and operating modern software:

Apigee’s head of engineering, operations, and support Shankar Ramaswamy joined Anant onstage, and described how the Apigee platform is built using the same modern principles that we exhort our customers to adopt.

This API-first approach enables Apigee to accelerate our software delivery velocity, launch new products such as Apigee Sense and Apigee Health APIx, and scale our API traffic volume by 268% year-over-year while achieving 99.998% cloud availability.

CIOs and architects must adopt modern software principles if they want their software archtecture and their businesses to be agile, relevant, and competitive. And, as Apigee CEO Chet Kapoor said in his I Love APIs 2015 keynote earlier in the week, the time to get started is now.

Anant's presentation is available on SlideShare.


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