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Monetization Services: Enabling New Revenue Streams and Flexible Business Models for Digital Assets

Jul 19, 2013

"The divide between digital and nondigital assets is to some extent disappearing; everything has a digital side to it. To manage those assets, traditionally you had to bring IT people in to make changes in the business model, and so on.  With Enterprise Monetization Services, now you just manage the asset and the models." ~Bryan Kirschner, Apigee Institure

This week we launched Monetization Services, a complete end-to-end solution for companies to monetize their APIs and other digital assets. Monetization Services is the latest edition to the Apigee Enterprise platform and is designed to make it easy for companies to maximize monetization and to manage the developer and partner relationships the owners of APIs (the digital assets) have with the developers who are using those APIs.

Check out this short video for a summary of how Monetization Services enables you to deploy flexible business models to bill and charge for API Products.

The point of view from the owner of the digital assets: As a business you can change the plans you offer for your digital assets (your APIs) – revenue models, pricing and more. Critically, you can analyze performance, to determine which business models are working best. You gain a data-driven understanding of your business models, what works and what doesn’t, which in turn informs your choices about how to monetize digital assets.

The point of view from the consumer of the digital assets (the developer). What does the developer see? Just as for the API provider, the system is self-service for developers. Developers can choose amongst plans and implement them with a mouse click in real time. It’s possible, for example, that as the developer’s business changes – a change in volume is a simple example – they will want a different plan from the API provider. Making such changes and choices is easy.

For more information about Apigee Enterprise - the complete API Platform for your company's digital transformation -see apigee.com/about/enterprise.

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