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The New Apigee Insights: Enable Predictive Apps

Apr 09, 2014

Enterprises need to operate differently to stay relevant in a fast-changing and increasingly competitive digital world where customers are in control. Traditional approaches—treating interactions in isolation, targeting few large segments using coarse behavioral data captured through a single channel such as the web, and reacting to customer dissatisfaction after it occurs—simply aren't sufficient to stay competitive.

Instead, enterprises need to be where customers are, anticipate their needs, deliver experiences and offers tailored to them, and build relationships that last. In other words, enterprises need apps that can predict the needs of each customer in real time and deliver interactions that positively influence their behavior.

Unfortunately, enterprises face a number of technical, analytical, and organizational challenges that limit their ability to deliver apps that individualize interactions. For example, enterprises:

  • rely on traditional approaches such as rules-based systems and statistical models, which limits the value they realize from their data

  • rely heavily on business intelligence that reports historical activity after it occurs

  • achieve only limited personalization instead of true individualized interactions because they largely rely on behavioral data from a single channel to target a few large segments

  • face difficulties when integrating analytics and insights into their apps due to traditionally siloed analytics, businesses, and IT teams

  • are unable to gain insight from newer unstructured and semi-structured data because they employ algorithms that are limited to analyzing structured batch data

  • generate poor results over time because the analytics process is largely manual and fails to adapt to new patterns in consumer behavior.

Announcing the new Insights: big data predictive actions platform

We are announcing a major new version of Insights, Apigee’s big data predictive analytics platform that enables enterprises to overcome these obstacles (see the press release). With Insights, enterprises can deliver API-powered predictive apps that individualize each interaction and increase revenue and customer satisfaction.

Insights takes predictive analytics to a new level. With predictive apps built on Insights, enterprises can:

  • Predict the needs of each customer by applying sophisticated real-time predictive analytics on fine grained customer, product interaction, and machine data.

    • Insights makes available to any enterprise big data predictive analytics that has typically been the realm of Internet giants. The Insights team, led by a group that pioneered big data at Yahoo and other internet giants, is bringing its predictive analytics expertise to enable any enterprise to build sophisticated, predictive apps.

    • Insights is optimized to work with fine-grained, unstructured, and semi-structured data. Insights pays special attention to individual interactions—each web click, each page visited, each product viewed, each product purchased—along with relevant unstructured and semi-structured data such as agent notes, tweets, searches and reviews, and relevant context for each of those interactions (timing, weather, and device, for example). When viewed in isolation, each of these data points doesn’t tell you much. When you stitch them together across all channels, however, and apply sophisticated predictive analytics and machine learning, you learn a lot about the individual. Individualized interactions become a reality.

    • Insights is designed to work with real-time data. Insights is integrated with Apigee Edge, and provides visibility into user actions as they occur on web, mobile, and other emerging channels. Knowing, in real time, the task that the user is attempting to complete is a necessary first step to positively influencing their behavior.

    • Insights helps enterprises deliver more value from their existing big data investments. Insights is tightly integrated with Hadoop, and provides the predictive intelligence to translate into insight all the data enterprises are aggregating in their data lakes and data warehouses.

  • Act on the insights with individualized interactions on any channel.

    • Insights complements Apigee Edge and enables enterprises to use the insights gleaned from predictive and advanced analytics to optimize their APIs and adapt their apps. For example, enterprises can dynamically change the behavior of their apps to deliver the optimal offer, recommendation, or experience for that individual.

  • Adapt to changing customer and business needs with a continuous learning feedback loop.

    • Insights automatically uses feedback from customers—such as offers accepted or rejected—to validate predictions, which enhances the predictive models so each experience is fresh and relevant.

With Insights, enterprises can precisely target each customer, offer them individualized recommendations, and proactively serve their needs. The end result is accelerated business growth and stronger customer relationships.  

Learn more about the new Insights here.


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